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雅思口语:话题something you can not live without  小马过河    2015-09-28    





  What is it ? ipod shuffle

  How did you get it ? several years ago , I bought it for myself .

  How does it look like (any specialties)? it is designed smartly and used friendly-the gum-shaped body is easily put into your pocket.without the display screen ,it could be the lightest map3 player you could ever find in today’s market .

  How does it change your life ? (why do you always bring it ?)

  The gadget is so cool and so easy to carry , when you put it into your pocket , you could barely feel it there ,so basically I carry it all the time .what’s better than having some great music when you are on the way to work or simply working out in the gym . it’s a great companion for me , especially when I do some cardios ,like jogging or cycling , you know , spending hours on the trendmill could be the most boring thing ever , but with shuffle , it will be a great time .

  ex: barbe, teddy bear, lego toybrick, a notebook. etc


  It doesn't matter if a college student lives in the United States, Chile, China, Slovakia, Mexico or Lebanon -- many are addicted to media, researchers say.

  Susan D. Moeller of the University of Maryland and the director of International Center for Media & the Public Agenda says whether in developing countries or developed countries the findings are strikingly similar in how teens and young adults use media and how "addicted" they are to their cellphone, laptop or mp3 player.

  The researchers and colleagues at the Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change asked about 1,000 students in 10 countries on five continents to give up all media for 24 hours and record their experiences.

  The study found the students reacted almost identically to being unplugged from media and used virtually the same words to describe their reactions, including: fretful, confused, anxious, irritable, insecure, nervous, lonely, depressed, jittery and paranoid.

  "Perhaps naively, we assumed that we would find substantial differences among the students who took part in this study," Moeller says in a statement."After all, our partner universities come from very different regions and from countries with great disparities in economic development, culture and political governance."

  In short, the students were blind-sided by how much media have come to dominate their lives and their identity, Moeller says.







  以上便是雅思口语话题something you can not live without,希望对大家有所帮助。










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