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戒掉手机的10个小妙招  英语阅读网  佚名  2015-10-30    




1. Get a dumb watch.

The average smartphone owner consults his device an astonishing 195 times per day. Nip the knee-jerk habit at the source and strap1 on a good old-fashioned watch. Definitely not a smart one, preferably a mechanical one.

2. Pick up a paper.

Instead of hitting up a social network or a newspaper app to breeze through news summaries and half-read a few articles, grab a paper and be amazed at how relaxing it is to read through the day's news. Not only that, we found our attention span has increased and we don't abandon as many articles. And fret2 not at the expense. Even the New York Times is $9 a week for home delivery, plus digital access.

3. Listen to airwaves.

Again, not a radio stream from your phone or desktop3. Blow the dust off your old clock radio or handheld transistor4, plug it in, and be amazed at how vital radio still can be. More importantly, you won't be tempted5 to check other apps and websites.

4. Sever6 social media ties.

We love hitting up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep tabs on friends and relations. If you aren't willing to walk away from this ritual of keeping up with digital Joneses, then consider consolidating7 down to one service and picking a dedicated8 daily time for checking in — at your lunch break or at the gym, ideally. And turn off app and email notifications for the services you use, so you aren't tempted by all those little red badges.

5. Make a phone stack.

Today, it seems nearly impossible to put your phone down for 60 consecutive9 minutes. Phone stacks are a cliché, but they work: Whether dining at home or out on the town, implement10 a no-device policy, no exceptions. To make it stick, you can place phones in a stack in the center of the table. Even better, have a waiter or coat check place them out of site so no one can break the rules, and there aren't hard feelings.

6. Create rules for living.

Having general rules for indulging in gadget11 time are too easy to slack on, just like diets and workouts. Take the next 10 minutes to figure out the hours when your tech is truly indispensable, and then nail down times when it should never be used: dinnertime, when you're with the kids, and yes, in bed. Be specific and be rigid12. Have a designated, inconvenient13 spot where your device should go during those times so that you don't cave — a cabinet upstairs, in your car, or in the basement.

7. Cut the cord.

There are tons of apps dedicated to keeping you from losing focus on whichever task you're meant to be accomplishing and instead heading down a YouTube or Facebook rabbit hole. Freedom ($10; for Mac or Windows) is a surefire desktop application that lets you pick a window of time for which the Internet gets locked on your PC. If you want to hop14 online before the time is up, you have to reboot your computer. If your work requires that you have Internet access, try anti-social, a $15 application that lets you select which services you block, rather than the entire Internet.

8. Move your charger.

Battery life continues to be the Achilles heal of most mobile devices, which means many of us rush between charging sessions all day. Find a dedicated place at home to charge your device that's within earshot, but not convenient, and make it a daily ritual to come home, remove the phone from your person and leave it there even if it's fully15 charged already. If you need to take a call, keep it locked to the charging cable so you aren't tempted to walk away with it afterward16.

9. Automate17 your attention.

Even our device makers18 know that we use them too much, which is why they have built-in functions like Do Not Disturb (iOS) or Silent mode (Android). Those allow you to designate certain VIP contacts who can reach you at all times, but silences emails, texts and other communications from anyone else. Both can be automated19 so that they are time-based or location-based, or can be switched on or off ad hoc if you want a few minutes of rest.

10. Shame yourself.

If you've ever taken a gander at the running tally20 of the time you've spent playing solitaire, you know the pain that comes from looking in the mirror. Along with apps that cut off Internet access, there's also a category that tallies21 up how much time you waste. Set them running, and you'll quickly hit rock bottom and find inspiration to take meaningful measures. Moment (iOS only) keeps tabs on the amount of time you use your phone per day, including the number of times you unlock it, and lets you clamp down services, too. Menthal, for Android, tallies up in detail how much you use your phone, with what apps, and then compares it with other users for a little added peer pressure and possible inspiration.

1 strap



She held onto a strap to steady herself.她抓住拉手吊带以便站稳。

The nurse will strap up your wound.护士会绑扎你的伤口。

2 fret



Don't fret.We'll get there on time.别着急,我们能准时到那里。

She'll fret herself to death one of these days.她总有一天会愁死的.

3 desktop



My computer is a desktop computer of excellent quality.我的计算机是品质卓越的台式计算机。

Do you know which one is better,a laptop or a desktop?你知道哪一种更好,笔记本还是台式机?

4 transistor



This make of transistor radio is small and beautifully designed.这半导体收音机小巧玲珑。

Every transistor has at least three electrodes.每个晶体管至少有三个电极。

5 tempted b0182e969d369add1b9ce2353d3c6ad6



I was sorely tempted to complain, but I didn't. 我极想发牢骚,但还是没开口。

I was tempted by the dessert menu. 甜食菜单馋得我垂涎欲滴。

6 sever



She wanted to sever all her connections with the firm.她想断绝和那家公司的所有联系。

We must never sever the cultural vein of our nation.我们不能割断民族的文化血脉。

7 consolidating

v.(使)巩固, (使)加强( consolidate的现在分词 );(使)合并


These measures are meant for consolidating the system of basic medical care. 这些举措旨在夯实基层医疗体系,让老百姓看大病不必出远门。 来自互联网

We are consolidating the Chinese and English versions of our homepage. 我们将为您提供中英文版本一起的主页。 来自互联网

8 dedicated



He dedicated his life to the cause of education.他献身于教育事业。

His whole energies are dedicated to improve the design.他的全部精力都放在改进这项设计上了。

9 consecutive



It has rained for four consecutive days.已连续下了四天雨。

The policy of our Party is consecutive.我党的政策始终如一。

10 implement



Don't undertake a project unless you can implement it.不要承担一项计划,除非你能完成这项计划。

The best implement for digging a garden is a spade.在花园里挖土的最好工具是铁锹。

11 gadget Hffz0



This gadget isn't much good.这小机械没什么用处。

She has invented a nifty little gadget for undoing stubborn nuts and bolts.她发明了一种灵巧的小工具用来松开紧固的螺母和螺栓。

12 rigid



She became as rigid as adamant.她变得如顽石般的固执。

The examination was so rigid that nearly all aspirants were ruled out.考试很严,几乎所有的考生都被淘汰了。

13 inconvenient



You have come at a very inconvenient time.你来得最不适时。

Will it be inconvenient for him to attend that meeting?他参加那次会议会不方便吗?

14 hop



The children had a competition to see who could hop the fastest.孩子们举行比赛,看谁单足跳跃最快。

How long can you hop on your right foot?你用右脚能跳多远?

15 fully



The doctor asked me to breathe in,then to breathe out fully.医生让我先吸气,然后全部呼出。

They soon became fully integrated into the local community.他们很快就完全融入了当地人的圈子。

16 afterward



Let's go to the theatre first and eat afterward. 让我们先去看戏,然后吃饭。

Afterward,the boy became a very famous artist.后来,这男孩成为一个很有名的艺术家。

17 automate



Many banks have begun to automate.许多银行已开始采用自动化技术。

To automate the control process of the lathes has become very easy today.使机床的控制过程自动化现已变得很容易了。

18 makers



The makers of the product assured us that there had been no sacrifice of quality. 这一产品的制造商向我们保证说他们没有牺牲质量。

The makers are about to launch out a new product. 制造商们马上要生产一种新产品。 来自《简明英汉词典》

19 automated



The entire manufacturing process has been automated. 整个生产过程已自动化。

Automated Highway System (AHS) is recently regarded as one subsystem of Intelligent Transport System (ITS). 近年来自动公路系统(Automated Highway System,AHS),作为智能运输系统的子系统之一越来越受到重视。

20 tally



Don't forget to keep a careful tally of what you spend.别忘了仔细记下你的开支账目。

The facts mentioned in the report tally to every detail.报告中所提到的事实都丝毫不差。

21 tallies

n.账( tally的名词复数 );符合;(计数的)签;标签v.计算,清点( tally的第三人称单数 );加标签(或标记)于;(使)符合;(使)吻合


Cash on hand tallies with the figure in the accounts. 现款跟账上的数目没有出入。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》

He tallies his own marks. 他把自己的得分记了下来。 来自《简明英汉词典》






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