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Developing Tourism

China is an ancient civilized1 country. In the long river of history, Chinese people have created splendid(辉煌的) culture and great civilization. There are many historical spots and beautiful sceneries worth seeing, such as the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and some famous high mountains. They attract millions upon millions of travelers every year. With these rich resources, our government has taken great measures to prosper3 tourism. Now more and more people would like to spend money in traveling. What benefits has tourism brought to our people and our country?

First of all, travel is a good way to fresh oneself. The main reasons why people travel is relaxation4 and pleasure. For example, having worked hard throughout the weekdays, people will find a weekend trip to nearby mountains or beaches a real relaxation. Once being immersed5 in the beautiful scenery, they forget all the hustle6 and bustle7(喧嚣气氛) in daily life and get themselves away from work pressure. Moreover urban people usually complain about the noisiness and the lack of greenlife. A travel to the beautiful or high mountain will help them return to nature and enjoy the grandeur8 of the nature. According to the statistics9 from CHINA DAILY, two thirds of middle class working people in Beijing choose to travel at weekends. When they return from travel, they usually feel fresh and energetic.

Second, travel is one of the best means for learning. People may have read or heard about something, but can never got a picture of it until they see it themselves for seeing is believing. If they are careful, they can learn much during their travel about the geography, biology and history of the place they are visiting. No matter how well educated they are, there is always a lot for them to learn through traveling. Climbing Mount2 Tai, they can enjoy the Chinese calligraphy10 as well as the beautiful scenery. Visiting Li River, they can appreciate a lot of interesting folk stories as well as the local culture. So the knowledge acquired from travel is no less valuable than that from any reference11 books.

Third, developing tourism is an important way to promote understanding and friendship either among our Chinese people or between our people and people from other countries. China is too broad to know even referring to geography magazines. A travel to the other places can help us to know more about our country especially about the local customs and local living. For most of foreign tourists, they were puzzled by Chinese history and its ancient culture and have great interests in them. I once had seven foreign teachers when I studied in Qufu Normal University. Besides being good teachers there, they all would like to spend some time traveling around our country. Coming from the Great Wall, they were amazed at Chinese's intelligence and diligence; back from Li River, they were deeply impressed by local people's hospitality12. Back from Xi'an, they learnt more about Chinese history. All these promote understanding and friendship between my foreign teachers and their Chinese students.

Apart from these, tourism is also an important way to earn hard currency, which is much needed in our socialist13 modernization14. As a smokeless industry, it does no harm to ecology environment and contributes a lot to improve local people's living standard under good management. Also it is a door to attract more foreign investment to prosper local economy.

However, I want to mention that there are still some problems existing in tourism. For example, some restaurant owners or some souvenir peddlers overcharge some tourists. The room service is too crowded to book during the two golden weeks. What's worse is that the ecological15 balance has been destroyed in some resorts because of the improper16 management. All these kind of problems need to be solved by the efforts of people and governments.

In a word, with the rich tourist resources in China and the obvious advantages of tourism, I believe the tourist industry will be further developed. It will not only play an increasingly role in our economic growth, but also serve as a friendly link between the Chinese people and people from other countries. In order to solve the problems existed in it, either our country or people should strengthen the sense of environmental protection, and the development more intelligently.

1 civilized



Racism is abhorrent to a civilized society. 文明社会憎恶种族主义。

rising crime in our so-called civilized societies 在我们所谓文明社会中日益增多的犯罪行为

2 mount



Their debts continued to mount up.他们的债务不断增加。

She is the first woman who steps on the top of Mount Jolmo Lungma.她是第一个登上珠穆朗玛峰的女人。

3 prosper



With her at the wheel,the company began to prosper.有了她当主管,公司开始兴旺起来。

It is my earnest wish that this company will continue to prosper.我真诚希望这家公司会继续兴旺发达。

4 relaxation



The minister has consistently opposed any relaxation in the law.部长一向反对法律上的任何放宽。

She listens to classical music for relaxation.她听古典音乐放松。

5 immersed



She immersed herself in her work. 她埋头工作。

When a body is immersed in a fluid, it apparently loses weight. 身体浸入水中就会明显减轻重量。

6 hustle



It seems that he enjoys the hustle and bustle of life in the big city.看起来他似乎很喜欢大城市的热闹繁忙的生活。

I had to hustle through the crowded street.我不得不挤过拥挤的街道。

7 bustle



The bustle and din gradually faded to silence as night advanced.随着夜越来越深,喧闹声逐渐沉寂。

There is a lot of hustle and bustle in the railway station.火车站里非常拥挤。

8 grandeur



The grandeur of the Great Wall is unmatched.长城的壮观是独一无二的。

These ruins sufficiently attest the former grandeur of the place.这些遗迹充分证明此处昔日的宏伟。

9 statistics



We have statistics for the last year.我们有去年的统计资料。

Statistics is taught in many colleges.许多大学都教授统计学。

10 calligraphy



At the calligraphy competition,people asked him to write a few characters.书法比赛会上,人们请他留字。

His calligraphy is vigorous and forceful.他的书法苍劲有力。

11 reference



We spent days going through all related reference material.我们花了好多天功夫查阅所有有关的参考资料。

I like to have my reference books within my reach.我喜欢把参考书放到伸手可取的地方。

12 hospitality



He welcomed you to enjoy his hospitality.他欢迎你去做客。

Thank you for your kind hospitality.谢谢你的盛情款待。

13 socialist



China is a socialist country,and a developing country as well.中国是一个社会主义国家,也是一个发展中国家。

His father was an ardent socialist.他父亲是一个热情的社会主义者。

14 modernization



This will help us achieve modernization.这有助于我们实现现代化。

The Chinese people are sure to realize the modernization of their country.中国人民必将实现国家现代化。

15 ecological



The region has been declared an ecological disaster zone.这个地区已经宣布为生态灾难区。

Each animal has its ecological niche.每种动物都有自己的生态位.

16 improper



Short trousers are improper at a dance.舞会上穿短裤不成体统。

Laughing and joking are improper at a funeral.葬礼时大笑和开玩笑是不合适的。






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