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There's still time to look


Rising temperatures and drizzle may have pointed the way to a new spring and a new future, but the job status of many students is still uncertain. Still, they might want to take heart, because March is often called the “silver” job-hunting season.


At this time of the year, anyone who hasn`t found that ideal employer is usually toeing the line, ready to make the final dash. Feng Wenjiang, a 22-year-old senior at Henan University`s college of agriculture, for example, is trying his level best. He`s going all out to fix his resume and upgrading his English interview skills during winter break. He hopes to work in marketing in a large listed company.


“I`ve missed out on lots of chances,” Feng said. “As graduation draws near, I really need to speed things up in getting a solid deal before I leave campus.”


One Jiefang Daily report, quoting “reliable sources”, said that, by the end of February, student employment in the Yangtze River Delta region in both Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces is at nearly the same level as last year: around 20 percent. And it`s about 27 percent in Shanghai.


Be positive


But there`s enough reason to be positive: new job opportunities are coming. “After companies complete plans or a budget for the new financial year, they`ll post new openings,” said Chen Yang, of Beijing`s Zhongtong Wisdom Consultancy company. “So, unexpected chances or pleasant surprises could pop up at any time. It`s helpful for job hunters to keep a sharp eye out for this.”


In this sense, looking for a job in March could turn out to be even a “blessing” because, sometimes, the best things come at the last. Also, student job candidates have a chance to mature in their interviewing techniques by building on the experience they`ve accumulated over the past few months. If they`re wise, they can put this to use, and appear smarter.


Chen has some suggestions on how to keep up with job postings. First, make good use of the university`s job BBS and career center. Many colleges offer job services and online aid at “all hours”. Also, you can take part in job fairs. Many large fairs are scheduled for March. A routine search of popular job sites just might turn up new discoveries. “The rule is to not let one small ray of hope go,” Chen said.


What`s most important, however, for this season, is to stay cool and be level-headed. The first thing to avoid is “low-bidder psychology”. That`s where students might get so desperate to get a contract before graduation that they`re willing to sacrifice their real interests or abilities.


Ji Yantao, 22, a senior in law at North China University of Technology, says that he won`t give in to pressures to close a job deal, no matter what. Not until he`s basically satisfied in every way.


In fact, he`s got an offer from an international non-governmental organization but is in no hurry to take it, even though he values the nature of their work. Ji thinks the 2,000-yuan salary might not allow him to survive in the capital. “Signing a contract is easy, but it would mean trouble later on if I regretted the decision,” he explained.







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