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Business and college can mix

大学生两年赚三百万 曾想退学

Pan Wenwei, 22, was born to a worker`s family of five in a small town in Guizhou. The father was a technical worker in the power supply bureau whose monthly salary of 1000 RMB was the family`s sole income.


In 2007 Pan entered the School of Geography and Planning. To reduce the heavy burden on his family, Pan took a part-time job.


At the end of that year, Pan saw a commercial opportunity. The school put out its college uniform to private tender.


With the help of friends in the student union, Pan got hold of a list of companies likely to bid for the contract. .Pretending to be a customer, he called each firm and asked what would be their basic price for manufacturing the uniforms. After that he obtained their company addresses from the Internet and went to work doing business with them.


To the surprise of many, the freshman triumphed over his more experienced rivals. Despite making just 20,000 RMB, he had established a business.


Mother`s shock at huge sum of 500, 000 RMB

走向成熟 一下赚50万吓坏妈妈

Early last year, Pan made a new friend, a businessman who sold security monitoring equipment. It happened that a middle school classmate of Pan`s had a school classmate had a real estate project which was inviting bids for such equipment. As the go-between, Pan made a cool 500, 000 RMB from the deal.


The first thing Pan did was send 100,000 RMB to his parents, who were astonished. "Where did you get all this money?" his mother asked, incredulously, over and over.


Using this first pot of gold, Pan sidelined into selling tiles for building exteriors, club management and the stock market.


After just two years, his financial assets now stood at 3, 000,000 RMB. He had bought an apartment in Futian District, Shenzhen, and a car. Earlier in the year he had opened a network company in a large university city, investing about t 500,000 RMB in the project.


But all this success began to sew seeds of confusion in Pan`s mind. Was it worth remaining a student? Studying and running a business at the same time left him exhausted. When he received a project for 2, 000, 000 RMB he gave serious thought to quitting school altogether.


However, in the end he opted to continue with his education. He said to himself, "If I give up now I`ll be nothing but a senior high graduate." He decided to remain true to his old dream of a college education. His idealism played a crucial part: "However much I earned, I would never be able to buy the campus years."


Reports say that at present Pan is writing a book which shares his experience starting up a business.


Questions & answers


Question: What do you think makes you so competitive?


Pan: I have just an ordinary IQ and a mild personality, so I would say it is my lack of fear and emotional intelligence.


Question: What is the key to your success?


Pan: I am careful, and act according to life`s rules.


Question: Where can you improve?


Pan: I am still a freshman when it comes to dealing with other people, especially when it comes to conflicts of interest.


Question: What do you dream of?


Pan: Apart from continued business success, I would like to establish a fund to help poor students.







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