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There are many things that China and Singapore have in common, and one of them is music.


Many Singaporean singers have pursued their musical career both at home and here in the Chinese mainland, as well as in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Here are just a few.

Kit1 Chan

Singaporean singer Kit Chan has worked in many areas since her debut2 in 1993, including music, theater, television, composing, creative direction, community work and even entrepreneurship. Chan is without a doubt the most successful singer in Singapore, as she enjoys the title of Singapore's "national treasure" in music.

Chan has enjoyed success in Taiwan and Hong Kong more than she did in the Chinese mainland, until she participated in the hit television show I am a singer earlier this year. Her years of theater training and delicate and smooth vocals3 became an immediate4 sensation among viewers.

Stefanie Sun

Since her debut in 2000, Stefanie Sun has become one of the most widely recognized voices from Singapore in the Chinese mainland. With 11 albums under her belt, Sun is arguably the most successful singer from Singapore, second only to Kit Chan, whose talent is somewhat under-recognized. Sun was named Best Newcomer for her song Cloudy Day at the 12th Golden Melody Award, Taiwan's equivalent to the Grammys. Sun has sold more than 10 million albums in Asia.

Sun married Dutch-Indonesian entrepreneur Nadim Van Der Ros on May 8, 2011, and gave birth to their first child on Oct 30, 2012.

JJ Lin

JJ Lin has enjoyed commercial success ever since he stepped into the world of music. Lin won Best New Artist for his debut album Music Voyager at the 15th Golden Melody Awards. A decade later, he took home the title as Best Male Performer, a high honor from the Golden Melody Awards.

34-year-old JJ Lin is recognized for his talents in not just singing, but in composition. Besides producing numbers by himself, Lin has written songs for various recording5 artists, including Remember for Taiwan-based singer A-Mei, Let Go for fellow Singaporean singer A-Do, and What's Wrong with You? for Harlem Yu.

Jocie Kwok

Jocie Kwok was the first artist to be granted copyright to sing Mouse Loves Rice, a song that took China by the storm in 2004. Her first album, No More Panic, attained6 platinum7 status with its sales worldwide.

Kwok, whose Chinese name is pronounced Guo Meimei, suffered greatly after an Internet celebrity8 by the same name stirred a large scandal affiliated9 with the Red Cross. Though the two are in no way related to one another, the impact from the Red Cross scandal was so big that it cut down 70 percent of Kwok's commercial activities.

Tanya Chua

Singaporean singer Tanya Chua did not rise to prominence10 until she signed with Warner Music Taiwan in 2003. Her album Amphibian11 won her a Best Female Artist at the Golden Melody Awards. Chua has also made a name for herself in production, as she has written a number of hit songs for Gigi Leung, Faye Wong and Stefanie Sun.


Former construction foreman A-Do, whose real name is Do Chengyi, was discovered by music producer Billy Koh during his company's talent search. A-Do shot to fame with his husky voice and original number He must really love you in 2003.

1 kit



The kit consisted of about twenty cosmetic items.整套工具包括大约20种化妆用品。

The captain wants to inspect your kit.船长想检查你的行装。

2 debut



That same year he made his Broadway debut, playing a suave radio journalist.在那同一年里,他初次在百老汇登台,扮演一个温文而雅的电台记者。

The actress made her debut in the new comedy.这位演员在那出新喜剧中首次登台演出。

3 vocals

(乐曲中的)歌唱部份,声乐部份( vocal的名词复数 )


Also look out for soaring vocals on The Right Man. 另外,也可留意一下《意中人》中的那高亢的唱腔。

Lazy bass line, lazier drums, lush violins, great piano and incomparable vocals. 懒惰的低音线,较懒惰的鼓,饮小提琴,棒的钢琴和无比的声音。

4 immediate



His immediate neighbours felt it their duty to call.他的近邻认为他们有责任去拜访。

We declared ourselves for the immediate convocation of the meeting.我们主张立即召开这个会议。

5 recording



How long will the recording of the song take?录下这首歌得花多少时间?

I want to play you a recording of the rehearsal.我想给你放一下彩排的录像。

6 attained

(通常经过努力)实现( attain的过去式和过去分词 ); 达到; 获得; 达到(某年龄、水平、状况)


She has attained the degree of Master of Arts. 她已获得文学硕士学位。

Lu Hsun attained a high position in the republic of letters. 鲁迅在文坛上获得崇高的地位。

7 platinum



I'll give her a platinum ring.我打算送给她一枚白金戒指。

Platinum exceeds gold in value.白金的价值高于黄金。

8 celebrity



Tom found himself something of a celebrity. 汤姆意识到自己已小有名气了。

He haunted famous men, hoping to get celebrity for himself. 他常和名人在一起, 希望借此使自己获得名气。

9 affiliated

adj. 附属的, 有关连的


The hospital is affiliated with the local university. 这家医院附属于当地大学。

All affiliated members can vote. 所有隶属成员都有投票权。

10 prominence



He came to prominence during the World Cup in Italy.他在意大利的世界杯赛中声名鹊起。

This young fashion designer is rising to prominence.这位年轻的时装设计师的声望越来越高。

11 amphibian



The frog is an amphibian,which means it can live on land and in water.青蛙属于两栖动物,也就是说它既能生活在陆地上也能生活在水里。

Amphibian is an important specie in ecosystem and has profound meaning in the ecotoxicology evaluation.两栖类是生态系统中的重要物种,并且对环境毒理评价有着深远意义。






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