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Workplace etiquette for newbies


导读:初入职场,多少会感到些迷茫,而复杂的职场礼仪(workplace etiquette)更是让人有苦难言。本文中,职场专家针对这些问题为大家支招。



When you start a new job you are often unsure of many things. How can I find someone to have lunch with? What should I call a colleague? They are not such a problem at college: students in the same dorm naturally gather around the table and it’s common to give a nickname to schoolmates.


Petty as these worries appear, how you handle them reflects whether you successfully shift from being a student to being an employee. Your boss will be watching how well you communicate with your colleagues.


21st Century reporter Xu Jingxi talked to workplace newbies and career experts to get tips for a smooth transition.


How can I find someone to have lunch with?


Few people want to be a lone wolf in the office. Neither did Lu Mengchan, 23, a fresh grad working on a website in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. But she still spent the first two weeks having lunch alone in the corner.


“I was afraid that I would look like a social climber if I asked senior colleagues whether I could join them for lunch,” said Lu. So like many other workplace newbies, she waited for colleagues to invite her.

陆梦禅说:“如果我问资历长的同事,可不可以和他们一起吃午饭,我怕别人会把我当成趋炎附势的人看待。” 所以和其他许多的职场新手一样,她等待同事们来邀请她。

But why must your colleagues invite you for lunch? Feng Lijuan, career consultant from, emphasizes that the key phrase for blending into a team is “taking the initiative”.


Zhang Xingzhi, expert on workplace etiquette, offers tips to help you mix with your colleagues.


1. If people in the office tend to order take-away food for lunch, you can volunteer to help with the ordering.

1. 如果办公室的同事午餐要叫外卖,你可以主动帮他们订餐。

A positive approach to helping is especially important for interns. As well as ordering lunch, interns should be ready to take on trivial tasks, such as photocopying and data research.


2. If people in the office dine in the canteen, it’s wise to politely ask those who sit around you to dine with you. This makes the invitation sound natural.


What should I call a colleague?


To show her humbleness and respect for senior colleagues, Chi Xiao, 21, used to call them “Master” regardless of their age. But the supervisor of the intern at Xinhua News Agency is only three years older than her. She was embarrassed and asked Chi to call her “Sister”.


According to consultant Feng, the boss will assess a new employee’s communication skills by watching them interact with new colleagues. Are they at ease in front of strangers? Do they cause any awkward situations?


Feng added that unless you are asked to call your colleague “Sister” or “Brother”, such intimate nicknames are inappropriate when you are new and do not know people well.


To play it safe, etiquette expert Zhang advises that you ask in a light-hearted tone beforehand if a colleague is happy with the intimate addressing.


How you address someone depends on the corporation’s culture, and varies among professions and departments. Zhang offers more tips.


1. “Master” can be used to call your mentors and HR colleagues who are in charge of job training.

1. 你可以称呼你的指导者以及人力资源部负责职业培训的同事们为“老师/师傅”。

2. “Upperclassman” is only used on campus. It’s inappropriate in the workplace.

2. “学长/学姐”只能在学校里喊喊罢了。在职场中此类称呼不够得体。

3. If the colleague has a title, the safest address is to use their family name plus their title. Delete the word “deputy”.

3. 如果同事有职位头衔,最安全无误的便是用姓氏加头衔这种方式来称呼他们。

4. In Western enterprises, you can call colleagues by their English name. Don’t add “Sister” or “Brother” after the English name. It sounds awkward.

4. 在外企中,你可以直呼同事的英文名字。不要在英文名字后面加上“姐”或“哥”。这听起来有些蹩脚了。






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