Handan College is situated in Handan, Hebei Province - a famous National Historical and Cultural City, National Garden City, Excellent Tourism Attraction, Holy Land of Taijiquan, and the Hometown of Idioms. It is a prosperous undergraduate college, with the permission of awarding bachelors' degrees. Its history can be traced back to the Junior Teachers' School of Handan County established in 1905. In 1950 its name was changed into Teachers' School of Hebei Province, and Handan Teachers's College in 1982, and it was approved to be an undergraduate college in 2004 by the Education Ministry.


Handan College has excellent facilities, with an area of 718.35 mu. Its construction area is 318,000 square metres. The whole value of the teaching instruments and equipment is 81.45 million yuan. It owns 909,600 paper books and 2428.51GB electronic books. The architecture style of the campus is simple, elegant, and dignified; people oriented and close to nature, showing its academic and cultural atmosphere.


Handan College aims at fostering highly-qualified, practical and applicable students. It has 17 schools and departments, 81 majors covering 9 categories, such as literature, science, engineering, law, history, education, management, etc, with 13219 full-time students.


It has a qualified and practical faculty of 945, among whom there are 704 teachers, including 266 professors and associate professors, and 478 owning masters' or doctors' degrees.


Handan College emphasizes teaching quality and it owns 25 national and provincial titles like special majors, key subjects, experimental projects for comprehensive reform, education innovation scheme, demonstration centre of experiment, outstanding teaching team, and elaborate courses. The total number of its graduates has reached nearly 100,000, and it has fostered and trained more than 90% of the teachers for special education in Hebei Province, nearly 70% of the teachers for basic education, 80% of the teachers for pre-school education, and 60% of the headmasters of Handan.


In recent years it has received 6 projects of national social science fund, ancient books renovation, and natural science fund; undertaken more than 600 scientific research tasks; and its teachers have published more than 2,000 dissertations in provincial and national journals and obtained about 150 different prizes including the first-class Prize for Scientific Progress of Hebei Province.


"Handan College Journal" has high academic level and outstanding local features, in which the Column of Zhao Culture is famous in China.


Handan College always promotes international cooperation and communication, and has signed cooperation agreements with about 20 universities in the United Kingdom, Spain, Thailand, New Zealand, Russia, Korea, and Taiwan, etc. With the approval of NOCFL, 72 graduates and 8 teachers from Handan College have been sent abroad to teach Chinese since 2010.


Handan College has cooperated with Neusoft, IDETCO, IBM, Qihoo 360, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Qinghua Wanbo, etc, and it is the "Research Centre of Embedded Technology of China" empowered by IDETCO. During the cooperation process, "Handan Mode" was created, with the connotation of "Government Promotion, Cooperation between University and Enterprise, Complementation of Advantages, Double Win and Development, Seamless Joint, and High-quality Employment ", which has been reported by Guangming Daily and attracted attention from governments and media of different levels. This experience has been reported to the State Council and transmitted in Hebei Province.


Handan College makes good use of Taiji culture as its developing strategy, has established the first School of Taiji Culture in China, and made the developing program, fostering scheme and curriculum. It has started to recruit undergraduates majoring in Taiji, realized the cooperation and innovation with other units, created the Yang-Style Taijiquan of 28 postures, published the "Basic Textbook of Yang-Style Taijiquan" and demonstration disc, and filled the blank of college textbook of traditional Taijiquan. Handan College has established the cooperative relationship with CRI for international propaganda, and has received 6 projects from NOCFL, and has built 13 national, provincial and municipal transmitting bases of Taijiquan and Taiji culture. Handan College is the director unit of the Hebei Taijiquan Association.


Handan College pays much attention to the virescence and beautification of its campus. Its virescence rate has reached 45%, and the campus is divided into 17 sections, with gardens of persimmon, megranate, yulan, laurel, pine, bamboo, peach and plums, etc. There are 131 kinds of plants in the campus, such as persimmon, gingko, peony, etc. Its special environment has made an excellent atmosphere of humanity and wonderful view, which is praised as a garden "with flowers in three seasons and green plants all the year", and received the honour of one of the "Best Ten Originality Constructions of Hebei Province".


In recent years, Handan College has received about 50 honours, such as "Civilized Unit of Hebei Province", "Civilized Unit of Handan", "Civilized and Secure Campus", "Outstanding Leading Team", "Advanced Unit of Helping the Poor", "Advanced Unit of Political Work", etc. Its students have won different awards of top-grade, first-class, second-class in the national and international contests of Taijiquan, Maths Modeling, Entrepreneurship Program for College Students, Scientific Innovation for College Students, Classic Reading, Embedded Design, Electronic Design, Network Skills, Speech, etc. A lot of students have become national, provincial and municipal advanced models.


The historical and cultural connotation of Handan, its good location and rich resource have set a solid foundation and a good space for its development. Now it has come to a new stage of building an applicable university with outstanding features, and will keep on the direction of helping and promoting the development of the local economy, culture and education. Based on the principle of "high quality, capable teachers, outstanding features, and legal actions", Handan College will concentrate on the education of undergraduates, connotation construction, improving the teaching mode and quality, fostering applicable graduates of "employment after graduation, adaption and good job on the position, and loyalty to the job", and promoting the growth and development of the local economy.










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