The 20th Video Recruitment of High-level Global Talents for China’s Top Universities


Sponsored by the editorial department of CHISA, the governmental comprehensive magazine managed by Chinese Ministry of Education with talents introduction as a focus, and the China Education Online, the biggest web portal on education in China, this video recruitment is a large-scale one specific to the high-level global talents in various fields. “Global Talents gather here, Video Recruitment brings future”, this recruitment will serve talents and universities in an effective, autonomous and visual way. All participants are top universities all over the China with various kinds of disciplinary fields. Warmly welcome talents from the world to join the construction of Chinese universities and share the successful results. (Difficult in Chinese? More details? Please directly e-mail or call us, we will provide you with a set of English services.)

Holding Date: 9:00-16:00 (GMT+8), October 26th, 2016
       October 28th-November 4th, 2016 (GMT+8)
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Participants and Job Requirements:

High-level Talents Recruitment in Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (江西财经大学)
Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics is a multiple disciplined university co-managed by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance and Jiangxi Government with economics and management as the focus and laws, engineering, arts and physics, etc. as the supporting disciplines. This university owns 1 academician working station, 5 postdoctoral stations, 5 first-level and 28 second-level doctorate-accredited fields, 16 first-level and 82 second-level master accredited fields and 15 professional master accredited fields and 61 undergraduate majors. High-level talents in applied economics, statistics, business administration, theoretical economics, management science and engineering to serve in the teaching and research positions as well as doctorate positions of various schools are warmly encouraged to join in this university.

The Recruitment of Leading Scholar, Excellent Young Scholar and Guest Professor at home and abroad in Guangdong Ocean University (广东海洋大学)
Guangdong Ocean University is a key provincial multiple disciplined university co-managed by Guangdong government and State Oceanic Administration (SOA). It owns 3 first-level doctorate accredited fields of “food science and engineering”, “marine science” and “aquaculture”, 5 first-level and 21 second-level master accredited fields, etc.. High-level talents in marine science, management science and engineering, applied mathematics, applied economics and so on are openly welcomed in this university. 

Multiple ladder-rank faculty positions in logistics-related fields in Shanghai Maritime University (上海海事大学)
As a century-old university covering engineering, management, economics, law, literature, science and arts, Shanghai Maritime University plays a leading role in education and research in the areas of shipping, logistics and marine science, winning wide recognition from government, academia and industry. Logistics Engineering and Management Discipline owns 1 post-doctoral research station, 2 doctoral programs, 6 provincial-level research bases, 2 state-level experiment and teaching centers. According to the statistics by Scopus, the number of published papers in the area of port and logistics ranked the first globally. The recruiting positions are related to management science and engineering, applied economics, transport engineering, mechanics engineering, computer science and technology, covering logistic economy, management, information and equipment. 

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Invites High-level excellent talents (广东外语外贸大学)
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) is a key provincial university and a high-tier one with distinctive features of internationalization in South China in its education of internationally-oriented personnel and its research on foreign languages & culture, international trade and international strategic studies. The University is home to almost 10 national and provincial key academic disciplines, one post-doctoral research station, 10 PhD programs, 40 masters programs and 5 professional masters programs. It has established cooperative ties with more than 252 universities and academic or cultural institutions in 37 countries or regions, and three overseas Confucius Institutes. High-level excellent talents at home and abroad in foreign languages and literature, Chinese language and literature, news and broadcasting studies, management science, and engineering; economics, industrial and commercial management, politics and law are greatly needed in this university.

Global High-level Talents Recruitment in Shanghai University of Electric Power (上海电力学院)
Shanghai University of Electric Power is a full-time university of higher learning co-built by the central government and Shanghai government. It owns 5 key provincial disciplines, 9 laboratories and research centers of engineering technology. Global high-level talents in electric automation, energy and power, environmental engineering and management science and engineering, computation science and technology are warmly welcomed in this university with high pays.

The Open Recruitment of Faculties in Shanghai Normal University (上海师范大学)
Shanghai Normal University is a key provincial and comprehensive university, coordinately developed by arts, science, engineering, etc. It takes arts as the focus and was well-known for its teacher education. It owns 6 first-level and 46 second-level doctorate accredited fields, 9 postdoctoral working stations, 29 first-level and 161 second-level master accredited fields, etc.. And now it openly recruits faculties in the positions of teaching, research and management in various schools, like education, laws and politics, humanities and communication, foreign languages business and so on. 

The Recruitment of Academic Leaders and Backbones, Leading Professor and Fresh Graduates in Shanghai University of Engineering Science (上海工程技术大学)
Shanghai University of Engineering Science is co-developed with engineering, economic management and art design and other various disciplines. It owns 4 first-level master accredited fields of “business administration”, “material science and engineering”, “mechanical engineering” and “textile science and engineering”, 19 second-level master accredited fields, etc.. Middle and Young academic leaders and backbones, leading professor and fresh Ph. D. doctor and master in mechanical engineering, electronic and electrical engineering, management and chemistry and chemical engineering are recruited in this university. 

Professor, Associate Professor or Lecturer are Cordially Invited in Southwest University (西南大学)
Southwest University (SWU) is a key comprehensive university directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education, a university included by the construction of “211 Projects” and Innovation Platform for Advanced Disciplines of “985 Projects” which is located in Beibei District of Chongqing. The university currently comprises 55 undergraduate programs, 46 master’s programs, 21 doctor’s programs, 22 postdoctoral research stations, 3 national key disciplines, 2 key disciplines with national support, and 37 provincial key disciplines. Now, SWU is at the golden time for comprehensively deepening the overall reform and speeding up the process of internationalization. Thus, you are cordially invited to apply for the academic positions as professor, associate professor or lecturer in Physics Science/ Mathematics Science/Chemical Science/ Environmental Science/ Science of Information and Communication/ Materials Science and Technology/ Surveying Science and Engineering /Management Science and Technology/ Education/ Psychology/ History/ Philosophy/Law.

The Recruitment of Professors, Faculties in Accounting, Finances and Business Administration in Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce (上海立信会计学院)
Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce, one of the origins of modern accounting education, is built by the famous educator Pan Xulun, the father of Chinese Modern Accounting in 1928. It takes accounting as the focus by jointly developing with management, economics, arts, science, laws, etc.. Now, professors, guest professions and faculties in accounting, international trade and finances are greatly needed here. High-level talents in business administration are also welcomed here.

Zhengzhou University is Openly Recruiting Distinguished Professors at Home and Abroad (郑州大学)
Zhengzhou University is a university belonging to national 211 projects and one co-built by Henan people’s government and national Ministry of Education. There are totally 12 fields of discipline, including philosophy, economics, laws, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and art. In order to develop to be a national top-level university and own top-level disciplines, Zhengzhou University is now openly recruiting distinguished professors in the positions of chair disciplinary professor, academic leader and backbone faculty with all-round support in treatment, apartment and academic platform establishment, etc..

Doctoral-degree Faculty are Warmly Welcomed in Zhengzhou University of Light Industry (郑州轻工业学院)
Built in 1977, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, firstly belonging to original National Ministry of Light Industry, was co-managed by the Central government and Henan Province in 1998. It is a multi-disciplinary university of engineering, science, management, arts, management, laws, education and agriculture, etc. with engineering as the focus. And now it owns 61 undergraduate majors and 65 academic and professional master degree-accredited fields. Zhengzhou University of Light Industry warmly invites doctoral faculties in electric and informative engineering, food and biologic engineering, economy and management and so on to join it to create a better tomorrow for this university.

Notice for University of Shanghai for Science and Technology to Openly and Sincerely Hire School Deans and Teaching Faculties (上海理工大学)
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology is a municipal key university oriented to applied research, focused on engineering, and marked by the multidisciplinary coordinated development of engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law and art. Our university originates from Hujiang College founded in 1906 and German Medical School founded in 1907.?Guided by the schooling objective of “to offer excellent undergraduate courses, create first-rate disciplines, and become one of the top 100”, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology ?has been??endeavoring to make breakthroughs in teaching staff and disciplinary construction, quality of talent training, and the power for the career development of university. Now, we openly and sincerely hire deans and teaching faculties for some of our schools. We warmly welcome domestic and overseas experts to apply for the posts.

High-end Talents, Teachers and Other Faculties Recruitment in Shanghai Dianji University (上海电机学院)
Shanghai Dianji University is a university with engineering as the focus, coordinately developed with economics, management and arts and other disciplines. It attaches great importance to the projects of faculty development, including Overseas and Domestic Visiting Scholar Plan, Shanghai Cultivation Plan of Youth Teacher, Cultivation Plan of technical staff, etc. And now Shanghai Dianji University is sincerely recruiting high-end talents, teachers and other personnel at home and abroad in school of electrical engineering, school of mechanics, school of electronics and information, school of foreign languages and so on. 

Hunan University of Commerce Sincerely Calls for Academic Leaders and Scientific and Research Faculties in 2016 (湖南商学院)
Hunan University of Commerce is a provincial university with economics and management as the focus, covering laws, arts, science, engineering and other disciplinary fields. It is located in Changsha, Hunan Province, the southern part of China. It is equipped with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. With the purpose of continuously developing its disciplines and majors, Hunan University of Commerce particularly and sincerely calls for the global high-level talents in school of economics and commerce, computer and informative engineering school, commercial management school and so on.

Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China Invites Applications for the Academic Positions (西南交通大学)
Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU), founded in 1896 and located in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province--China’s dynamically growing West. SWJTU is an elite university with national key multidisciplinary “211” and “985 Feature” projects directly managed by the Ministry of Education. SWJTU is currently on the strategic “Developing and Strengthening the University by Introducing and Cultivating talents” campaign. Thus, High-level Talented Leaders, Young Leading Scholars, Excellent Doctors and Post Doctoral Fellows and Young Academic Backbones in civil engineering, surveying and mapping, mechanical engineering, computer science and technology, business administration, life science, medicine, chemistry, physics, environmental science and engineering, etc. are cordially invited to apply for the those above mentioned academic positions.

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