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  Some think that most crime is the result of circumstances such as poverty and other social problems. Others believe that most crime is caused by people who are bad by nature. Discuss both sides and give your opinion 有人认为犯罪是贫困或者是他的社会问题的结果,有人 认为犯罪者人性本恶,讨论两种观点,给出你的观点。




  Sending criminals to prison is not the effective method to deal with them. Education and job training should be used instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 将犯罪分子送进监狱不是有效的方式解决犯罪,我们应该给他们提供接受教育和工作培训的机会,是否认同?


  1. 周围的环境引起犯罪:贫困;择业难;校园暴力;枪支泛滥等

  2. 本性就是坏人:人性本恶,有人天生就是注定犯罪的



  首段:背景介绍(个性开篇)+争议焦点(淡化模板)+ 作家立场(清晰表达)



  尾段:再次亮明观点 + (总结理由)



  贫困和社会问题导致犯罪 = 外因引起犯罪:

  1. 贫困的家庭孩子没有受到良好教育,不能明辨是非,容易被引入迷途。

  2. 科技发展,传媒多元,色情暴力节目的传播,毒害心灵,误导人生观,诱发犯罪冲动。

  3. 枪支泛滥,为犯罪提供了便利,例如,在一些西方国家,枪支买卖合法。


  1. 有人认为,人性本恶,嫉妒,贪婪,自私,都是人的固有本质,一旦在后天被激发,没有正确的引导,会导致一些反社会行为的发展。

  2. 例如,女性经济犯罪;黑社会大哥的惯性犯罪,报复社会,诅咒和憎恨他们认为不公平的社会。


  首段:背景介绍 + 争议焦点 + 作家立场

  Alarmingly, various stories concerning crimes have been pushing into spotlight. Conflicting ideas clash in finding out the root causes of misdeeds. My stand is that external reasons have a bigger influence on those misconducts. Nobody is born to be a criminal.



  1. various stories 公众新闻报道

  2. concerning 关于

  3. have been pushing into spotlight …… 成为关注的焦点

  4. conflicting ideas clash in …… 矛盾的观点在……方面互相碰撞

  解析:clash v碰撞


  My arguments could be easily explored. One contributing factor triggering manifold malefactions could be owed to the external circumstances in which the one is raised. To put in details, in some poverty-stricken or violent families, children are usually not properly taken care of and they stand few chances of receiving fine education, it is likely that such children may easily be led astray and even worse, they may conduct some anti-social offences. Still, pornographic or otherwise vulgar forms of media, have a really adverse impact on the young because the young can, in most cases, find it rather difficult to make positive choices about the types of influences in their lives, thus,it is possible for them to turn to a life of crime. Last, many perilous products that could be harnessed commit crimes are very easily and cheaply available to the youths. In fact, guns are sold in a number of stores in some countries. This fact alone makes it very easy for some people to embark on the criminal road.


  Granted, some people might remain suspicious of my stand and believe that those perpetrators are born to be evil. Some people argue that habitual malefaction is the main root cause of high crime rate. As for those felons such as gangsters boss or professional blackguards, to break the law is to take revenge on the society which they think unfair. Besides, some people contend that such is human nature to be greedy, selfish and jealous, which accounts for many types of crimes. It is also found that some women commit economic crimes simply because they are more vain and avaricious than others.


  1. habitual malefaction 惯性犯罪

  2. felons 重罪人

  3. gangsters boss or professional blackguards 黑帮大哥和职业流氓

  4. take revenge on the society which they think unfair 报复认为不公平的社会

  5. vain and avaricious 虚荣的贪婪的

  尾段:再次亮明观点 + 总结理由

  In a nutshell, I re-affirm my stand that different crimes could be combination of various elements, however, in comparison with evil nature, external factors actually play a profound influence in leading some immature or inexperienced people to go astray.



  The position of women in society has changed markedly in the last twenty years. Many of the problems young people experience, such as juvenile delinquency, arise from the fact that many married women now work and are not at home to care for their children. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the opinion? 有人认为:父母工作,无暇照顾孩子,导致少年发展,是否同意?


  1. juvenile crime = adolescent crime青少年犯罪

  2. teenage crime = juvenile delinquency青少年犯罪

  3. young offenders = teenage criminals = young law-breakers 少年犯

  4. embark on the criminal road 走上犯罪道路

  5. turn to a life of crime 开始罪恶的人生

  6. conduct some anti-social offenses 做出反社会行为

  7. commit crime = violate the law 犯罪

  8. domestic violence = family violence家庭暴力

  9. pornographic or bloody contents色情的血腥的内容

  解析:porno (色情)+ graph(记录)+ic (…… 的) = pornographic 色情的

  10. blindly model after sth 盲目效仿

  11. to be led astray被引入歧途

  12. Some criminalities can be owed to the disadvantaged family background such as poverty, violence or parental divorce. 不良的家庭成长环境,例如贫困,暴力和父母离异。

  13. According to the statistics, the rate of youth crime is in proportion to that of divorce rate. 少年犯罪率和离婚率成正比。

  解析:is in proportion to 成正比

  14. An environment of poverty, violence and fear. Such a growing environment often results in low self-esteem and other growth-related concerns. 较低的自尊心和一些成长相关的问题。

  解析:self-esteem 自尊

  15. It is also found that some women commit economic crimes simply because they are more vain and avaricious than others. 人们发现,有些女性进行经济犯罪,仅仅是因为她们比其他人更加的虚荣和贪婪而已。






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