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双语:看比尔盖茨如何写2014年终总结  来源:  作者:新东方  2015-01-05    



  I ended 2013 by compiling something slightly unusual: a list of some of thegood news you might have missed. I thought it was a pretty good note to end theyear on, and people seemed to like reading about some of the ways the world isbecoming a better place. This year, I thought I d do it again.


  Of course, we can t ignore the fact that it s been a turbulent year, in theUnited States and many other countries. But it s worth taking a moment tocelebrate some of the good news too. More children are surviving than everbefore. We re making progress against some of the world s deadliest diseases.These are some of the most fundamental ways to measure the world s progress—andby that measure, 2014 was definitely another good year.


  1.More Fifth Birthdays Than Ever Before


  To me, one of the best ways to measure progress is to look at how manychildren are dying of preventable causes.


  And today, more kids are living to see their fifth birthday than everbefore. This year, for at least the 42nd year in a row, the child mortality ratehas fallen. And it s not just moving in the right direction—it s falling fasterthan anyone expected.


  The Economist ran a great article about this in September, where itestimated that just since 2001, the world has saved 13.6 million children slives. It s hard to think of a better sign the world is improving.



  2.We Hit a Big Milestone in Fighting AIDS


  The world has done an impressive job of providing treatment to peopleliving with HIV. But for years we were falling behind, because for all thepeople who started getting treatment, even more would become infected.


  Not anymore, though. New data released this month show that 2013 was thefirst year when more people started getting treatment than became infected withHIV. Why does that matter? Because treating people not only keeps them alive, italso dramatically reduces the odds that they will pass the virus on to anyoneelse. As the epidemiologists say, we can start to bend the curve of thedisease.


  We still have a long way to go before we can declare the end of AIDS, butthis is a big milestone.


  3.Rotavirus Vaccine is Reaching More Kids Than Ever


  When I read an article in the late 1990s that mentioned a diarrheal diseasecalled rotavirus killed hundreds of thousands of kids a year, I couldn t believesomething I d never even heard of was killing that many children.


  But rotavirus doesn t get much press because it s almost never deadly inrich countries—and the world tends to ignore diseases that only affect theworld s poorest people.


  In many ways, rotavirus was a catalyst for my commitment to globalhealth—in fact, one of our foundation s first grants supported efforts againstrotavirus. Since then, the number of kids dying from this illness has been cutnearly in half thanks to a cheap and effective vaccine. And today, that vaccineis reaching more kids than ever before.







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